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Firewood Processor Wood Shavings

This price includes the tote deposit.
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Product Details
  • 1 cubic meter tote (210 kg/ 450 lbs)
  • works great as animal bedding
  • a natural pathway to reduce soil erosion & prevent weeds
  • soaks up moisture & absorbs odours making it ideal to substitute for regular kitty litter
  • soaks up oil & grease spills in the garage or on the driveway. Sprinkle sawdust on the spill, wait for it to absorb the liquid, then sweep it away. Repeat as needed until the mess is gone.
  • spread around the base of your garden plants to prevent weeds & retain moisture
  • use instead of salt on icy walks or driveways

This price includes a $20 refundable tote deposit.

It is the customer's responsibility to return the tote to us (in usable condition) to receive the refund.

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