The name of our company is The Firewood Farm Inc
The Firewood Farm Logo - Orange fire over black logs


The Firewood Farm Inc is a family-run business that began with the seed of an idea and grew into something we enjoyed together as a family - most of which shockingly occurs outside in the fresh air and sunshine.

We are proud Alberta Farmers, and our goal is

to provide our customers with the highest quality

non-GMO, organic firewood ;) in the quantities,

you need at a convenient location.

Our 100% Canadian-made wood bundles

are chopped and stacked by our

wholesome, hard-working farm family.

It is our pleasure to provide it to you.

Warning: burning our firewood in a campfire surrounded

by friends and family may result in smiles, laughter and

strong feelings of harmony and community.

Do so with care and at your own risk.