TAMARACK - Seasoned & Unsplit  - Cubic Meter Tote
  • TAMARACK - Seasoned & Unsplit - Cubic Meter Tote


    • is known as the hardest of the softwoods 
    • is easy to light
    • burns hot, putting out BTUs similar to birch
    • produces little ash (less cleaning for you)
    • has a lovely crackle with minimal sparks


    This price includes a $20 refundable tote deposit.  Upon return of the tote in usable condition, your deposit is refunded.   


    Also sold by the cord.  

    • By the way, our firewood:

      • is harvested by licensed loggers
      • is seasoned to a moisture content of 20% or less
      • 1 of our cubic meter totes is equal to 1/5 of a stacked cord
      • is cut into 16" lengths
    GST/HST Included |