small bundle tamarack firewood
  • Small Bundle - Tamarack

    The Small Tamarack Bundle is:

    • easily fits in your car as you head out to your next outdoor gathering. 
    • 3-4 of these bundles is the perfect amount to keep you toasty warm for a full evening outdoors under the stars. 
    • has been known to be a well-appreciated gift
    • Our firewood:

      • is harvested by licensed loggers
      • is seasoned to a moisture content of 20% or less
      • 1 of our cubic meter totes is equal to 1/5 of a stacked cord
      • is cut into 16" lengths


    • Did you know?

      The name "tamarack" comes from an Algonquin word akemantak which means "wood used for snowshoes"

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